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2023 Australian Masterclass

– Tweed Heads   🇦🇺   Australia –

Internal Organ Chi Massage

Starts November 9th 2022

4 Days of LIVE Workshop Training
– with Sarina Stone

Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) is the latest in Natural Health technology as it helps keep
the intestines moving, cleans and energizes the digestive system, detoxifies and energizes
organs, dispels bloat and gas and offers amazing immune system support – naturally. Many
believe Chi Nei Tsang be one of the single most powerful beauty tools for the skin and the
easiest way to flatten the belly or relieve water retention. Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage
assists in restoring proper nerve function to many organs and glands, thus providing a well
rounded healing experience and optimal maintenance techniques.
Mental clarity, cleaner blood, great digestion, improved sleep and a general sense of wellbeing
are often side effects of a clean intestinal tract, so Chi Nei Tsang abdominal self-massage has an
almost cult-like following across the globe.

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