"Reconnect with Nature, Rejuvenate Your Soul: Eco Garden Guest House, Where Sustainability Meets Serenity"

Our Rooms

Welcome to our enchanting eco retreat, where tranquility meets nature's embrace. At our eco-conscious haven, we offer two distinct rooms, each with its own unique ambiance and allure. Indulge in a personalized experience as you choose between our captivating Front Garden Room and our serene Rear Tranquil Room, both thoughtfully designed to provide you with a peaceful sanctuary amidst the beauty of our surroundings.

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good food

good water

good air

good chi

As part of  Tao Garden, a prestigious retreat center, Eco Garden Guesthouse provides a harmonious blend of comfortable accommodation and access to transformative practices. Master Mantak Chia, who has been honored as the Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, offers his profound wisdom and teachings to those seeking spiritual growth and inner harmony.

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of our guesthouse, surrounded by lush green gardens and natural beauty. Our carefully designed accommodations provide a peaceful haven where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Whether you choose a cozy room or a spacious suite, each space is thoughtfully appointed to create a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

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Why stay at Eco Garden Guest House?

* Good Food, Good Water, Good Air.

* Free Morning and afternoon Qi Gong Classes

* Spa & beauty treatments facilities

* Organic Food

* World Class Integrative Health Clinic

* Non-toxic building materials

*Natural Salt Water Swimming Pool

* Herbal steam Saunas

*Organic Juice bar & Fitness Center

*Fifty acres of beautiful gardens & Trees

* In the foothills of the Southeastern Himalayan Mountains

* Short Taxi Ride to town

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What to look forward to:

organic diet

A variety of wholesome nutritious foods combined to balance the Five Elements according to the individual’s blood type.

welcome to paradise

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with beautiful scenery and serenity.

daily exercise

The flowing motions and breathing techniques of Chi Kung & Tai Chi Chi Kung to strengthen the body.

daily meditation

Transforms emotional stress into vitality

positive thinking

Mastering the power of the mind to bring a positive attitude has a profound effect on our physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual health.

Eliminate External Toxins

 Keeping a healthy lifestyle and detoxifying the body periodically improves the quality of our life and helps to prevent chronic diseases.


Front Room

Our accommodation at Eco Garden Guesthouse is designed with sustainability and comfort in mind. We take pride in our commitment to the environment, evident in our choice of recyclable furniture and well-insulated walls that ensure peaceful and restful nights for our guests.

Rear Room

Each room is furnished with eco-friendly pieces made from recyclable materials, promoting responsible consumption and reducing our carbon footprint. Not only are these furniture items aesthetically pleasing, but they also align with our eco-conscious values. By choosing recyclable furniture, we strive to create a space that harmonizes comfort with environmental sustainability.

In addition to our eco-friendly furnishings, we have prioritized the insulation of our walls to provide a serene and peaceful environment for our guests. Our well-insulated walls help to minimize external noise, ensuring that you can enjoy a quiet and restorative stay. Whether you're seeking relaxation or a good night's sleep, our thoughtfully designed accommodations offer the ideal sanctuary for rejuvenation.Embrace the tranquility of our well-insulated and eco-friendly rooms, where sustainability and comfort go hand in hand. We believe that responsible living should not come at the expense of luxury and serenity. Experience the peace of mind that comes with staying in an accommodation that values both your well-being and the environment.

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Whether you're seeking information about our accommodations, spa treatments, or have specific dietary requirements, we're here to provide you with the answers and support you need.

Contact us today and let us help create an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs and preferences. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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